Was it wrong to publish my first E-book now?

AuthorUphillBattle.pngWhen my publicist called me this week that it was time to write my first blog of the week, he gave me the following advice.

-“Tell your audience what was your inspiration for “The Womb”.

However I chose not to make it my first blog (although I’m going to write about it in my next one)

This morning I woke up feeling that it was a huge mistake to publish my first e-book, don’t get me wrong, I’m proud that I actually wrote a novel and that I had the courage to publish it. And so the likes of the billions new authors out there who choose to be self published writers. But since starting my campaign three days ago, I know its so little time to judge, but here were my expectations vs. reality.

  • 1000 followers at least the first week on all social media accounts (twitter, Facebook, blog), and of course millions likes and shares on each post.
  • The overwhelming word of mouth of friend’s and family.
  • The higher potential to find a real agent for my second novel thanks to my first one.


Now looking at the above, none of this happened just yet. I guess this is what they call when you start from the scratch. Why not? I am a self-starter and I had to learn it the hard way and so it will take me more time to establish myself than I thought. Since I didn’t have guidance, neither a manual to know how to start this up. This blog can be helpful for new authors.

I read a lot to observe the situation. Plus, I though a lot about what went wrong, and so here is what I found out to fix it. Read 21t things you need to know about self-publishing by James Altucher.

  • Before publishing this novel, I should have written more blogs anywhere before starting my own blog. And what I mean is writing on other websites and what connects in my current book, which is spirituality and life after death.

I should have looked for such sites, and by the way; they wouldn’t mind to write such blogs because it can be equally useful to them as it is to you. Also in this case, I would have connected more to their readers and I would have built a readers platform before I went on and published my e-book.

Without readers of my own, if I have written 10 books by now, it would be worthless. And even if I hired the best publicist in the world, all is relied on is the actual readers you build yourself. This also can be mirrored to other writers whether your interest in sports, fashion, politics, finance, real estates…etc.


  • My first platform readers usually comes from the people I know. Their first language is Arabic as I come from the Middle –East. Although most of them are fluent in English but this barrier will continue, as their preference is to read in Arabic language. Or not to read at all. as in this business we have high supply and low demand.

One of my dear Neighbors who is Syrian, was very honest me with me. He asked the other day. “ How much your e-book costs”?

My husband replied, “ 11$ if you want to get a paper back”

He said, “ how about I give you the 11$ and you consider that I already read your book”.

It was a good laugh at the time. But thinking about it, this is how most of the people I know consider reading a book.

I’m still trying to figure out the solution for this one.

  • The problems resulting from self-publishing. Now I can write literally a whole book from this point (and I’m going to write more about it in my next blogs) As my experience from self publishing wasn’t a fruitful one. I can tell you this; as long as your book got potentials, you are on board. Nevertheless, you are nothing but a cash machine for such publishers. So it becomes a continuous pressure to sell more in order to make up the money you already paid.

But its still has pros and cons. Whether you are self-published or not. You are still going to work on your marketing and building up your audience.

Some people would think its crazy to write such blog while still marketing my first book. But as I emphasized this blog is for self-starters and new writers like who can learn from my experience.

Before publishing my book, I was afraid to actually read the other new authors experiences. Because I thought it might discourage me, and I don’t want such negativity in my writing career.

Well I was wrong. And I’m glad that I know now. It challenged me more to continue writing, and to learn from the others mistakes. I will continue growing my audience platform, by fixing my mistakes from my points above. It is never too late.












5 thoughts on “Was it wrong to publish my first E-book now?

  1. well, congrats one the amazing achievement. although i haven’t read yet but still you pulled up something special. now if you want to start counting reviews and comments no you are not doing it for the right reason. when you write a word, a quote, a novel, or even a thought. you are participating in the human cultural heritage. you are part of the human written achievements. appreciation and popularity are byproducts. they are guaranteed but no time limit for that .could be now or after a thousand year. maybe one person changed his decision or point of view regarding something after reading your word. and this action changed the world through the butterfly effect.

    i have read a few thoughts on my fb for sharing and conversations. i hope you find them worth reading.

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  2. May,
    I’m glad to get to follow you here. Your thoughts on first book publication is superb.
    By the way, I’m currently in Saudi for a few on/off days. Let me know if you would like us to meet in alkhobar. I can bring a friend of mine too who loves books.

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