Chapter One: The Womb

Have you ever watched a movie with your eyes closed? Have you ever been in the sunlight for too long and then once you go indoors, all you see is a sudden darkness? Have you been dizzy while seeing a ton of color, like you’re seeing a fuzzy TV? Have you ever heard birth from a baby’s perspective? You might have seen colors, much as when you put a bright light close to your eyes when your eyes are closed. You see colors on the inside of your eyelids … but have you seen the colors on the inside of your mom’s belly?

“Can bright light penetrate the mother’s belly? Or do we open our eyes at all in the womb? Is the first time we open our eyes when we are born? Is that why we start crying? Or is it because we can’t breathe? Or are we thinking as adults already? Have you ever been around a dinner table with friends when each started sharing his or her birth experiences? And last but not least, do we choose our parents? How do our parents influence us?”

Mrs. Suzan is interrupted by the laughter of the class.

“Please stay quiet as you fill in the questionnaires. We are not in school, and you are not forced to be here. This is a counseling therapy session, ladies and gentlemen. All of us have problems, and we are here to share them, talk about them, and learn from each other. Remember! We all have the same problem: we believe things people don’t understand, and we are being laughed at out there.” She points out to the window.

“But here, we respect each other; we express our problems, feelings, and ideas. We have all been through this, and many of you are going in the same direction of healing. Now let’s pay our respects to Isaac and focus on the questions he asked us to answer. Today we are all therapeutic helpers. Now, you have ten minutes till we start the session.”

Quiet fills the room again. They all concentrate on the papers in front of them. Mrs. Suzan walks slowly around the classroom, checking on each one of them. There are seven, four of whom are new patients. They are all sitting in a half circle, with Suzan in the center.

Before each session, Suzan makes sure to fill her classroom with love. She lights it up with candles, all with a jasmine scent to help her class to stay calm, and she puts a big pot of fresh green apples on the side and sweet hot chocolate in a pitcher. Suzan is in her late forties. She walks with a confident, straight back; she is an easygoing woman, though very serious about her job as a social worker with a specialty in group psychotherapy. She has helped a lot of people throughout her sessions. In fact, lots of her former patients still enroll in her class to help the new ones or sometimes just to talk about their life updates and try to stay as sane as possible.

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