Why is it always difficult to be encouraged when you see the success of others?

Waking up in the morning usually feels like it’s a fresh new start with a brand new opportunities, music in my head and I can’t wait to put my coffee down, open my laptop and start writing what my imaginary world allows me. Except that all these feelings of excitement, and the amounts of ideas are faded away when I open my social media.

I’m not a saint myself, in front of these wireless-talking minds, and typing fingers, my posts and tweets reflects a confident happy person with a hopeful future. But beneath all these layers there is a shaky self-confident person which day can be easily ruined by simple post like;

My book got this great review on this link,


Check out my Interview on this link.

And of course they are looking great, and ready to walk down the red carpet while I’m still in my Pajamas, drinking my coffee, and trying to concentrate and come out with a good two sentences of thinking clearly; without any interruptions from my kid or my phone.

As everyday passes it assures me that once again, I have fallen deeply in to the comparison and envy trap.

Seeing other people success on social media makes me feel that my words doesn’t count any more, my ideas are nothing but a rewind version of what has been said before, and the efforts of trying to “write the perfect novel” is completely shut down.

The other day I was reading an article with the same subject, and someone commented; “You are comparing ALL of your life, to the cherry picked highlights of theirs.”

We all know it is true. The only difference with Twitter, and Facebook is that, it highlights envy and comparison more than ever. While in reality envy is everywhere we look. It is the dark side of humanity.

I realized in order to get rid of the comparison trap, I have to spend less time on social media, and become less involved in other people’s lives. Relax, write and be an original.



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