Valentine VS The World

When I come to think of Valentine this year, the first thing that came to my mind; would you rather spend another day reading about the World’s terrors and horrors? Or would you rather celebrate one day with love?




My views have changed dramatically through out the years on this day. Yes, I’m one of those who think it’s cheesy and silly. But there is no doubt I love seeing red hearts, red roses and teddy bears; rather than seeing blood, wounded people and poverty for one day.

While the social media is swapped with posts attacking this day, giving reminders of people’s sufferings in the rest of the world. I would like to say the following:

YES, we are aware of what’s going on. It’s horrible! Our world is becoming more destructive than ever. The more we go forward with technology, social media, and the more Kanya West raps about having sex with Taylor swift. The more we need such a day.

To at least remind us there are some goodness out there. People giving each other flowers and cards, rather than to think who will give you Zika virus, and whether its contagious or not.

I don’t necessarily celebrate Valentines Day. But I find it strange some people attack those who do. According to a growing amount of research, chocolate red wine, and love can play a role in keeping the blood flowing throughout the body. Which eventually leads to a good heart health.

Plus, who minds a chocolate box? Or any kind of expression of love? As long as you make the other person smile, whether it’s a partner, sibling, a child or a parent.

I think it’s nice that we have such a day to escape our reality for one day.



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