Book Review (Nostalgia: A city set up on a hill)

I just Finished reading the book memoir “Nostalgia: A city set up on a hill” by author (Garfield Whyte).

Normally, I wouldn’t choose high school memoir to read. However, Im really glad i did. It taught me something new and valuable of other cultures andnostalgia experiences.

In this story,”Garfield” the narrator; takes us in a Journey to his fondest memories from 1977 till 1984, during his education in Munro college. A boarding school that is located in Jamaica. Going to this school starts off as a dream to be numbered amongst the rest. Through out the memoir, he give us detailed description of “Munro college, such as; “the long wall and the amazing sunset”, “The barbecue and the bull sessions” as well as the well described disciplinary and academic teachers which  gives the reader a clear picture of the challenges that the students endured at that time.

” Being at Munro was what I was dreaming about, but still nothing that i was totally prepared for”

Nevertheless, the simplicity of the school, the  non-existing technology, and the safety they felt. were all taken in granted years later as it is what really shaped this generation.

At some parts of the story I felt like reading a poem, the author clearly loved his school, even the description of the cracked floors and the old buildings, were so dear to him and were so obvious in this well written memoir.

Despite some repetitive parts, I really enjoyed the author’s experience and well profound memory. Also, I was enlightened with some of the most important and amazing sights in Jamaica.  But most of all, The role of the Munro school in preparing these students to the outside read.

I recommend this book for people who like reading memories and those who are nostalgic of their own school memories! give it a read!




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