“One-Two” Book review

“Sometimes, inorder to start all over again one needs to step back, not forward”

long time ago I read a story called “the girls” by Lori  Lansens. It was about the two oldest sisters who were joined at the head and their extraordinary story.

When I got the chance to read the psychological drama “One-Two” by Russian author Igor Eliseev. I thought that we have already seen this and done that. However, once i started with the first page i was so captivated with the story and i discovered its much more than a conjoined sisters who lived the abuse, the hardship of life and their struggle to survive, where the events unfolded in Russia in 1980s and 1990s. Its a total a new meaning of whats beautiful, the pursuit of happiness, how to look at a glass half full, not taking each other for granted , and most of all it reminded me that being different is good. Being different is a miracle!

“And still they didn’t hurryone to die, demonstrating incredible miracles of longevity, clinging to life by all means possible; and the more worthless it was, the more unwilling they were to leave”

Reading this story made me sad and moved by their emotions. I enjoyed the unexpected ending and i couldn’t hope for a better one. Also I truly felt that the author wrote it with care, to gather all of these meaningful advices for the reader. I kept highlighting my favorite quotes and they were so many it became hard which one to choose in this review.

I recommend this book for everyone who questions life and its hardship. It even holds a greater message, how to stay human until
the end.



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