A Book Review: “Allerleirauh”


“Remember to run. Run and never look back”

Allerleirauh is a fairy tale with a outrageous take; it features paternal rape, hatred, deception, and of course love. Although I never read the original story. I thought this one is very interesting, I never thought that i like to read fairy tales at this age, but I still read it  with concentration and lots of enjoyment.

However, my only problem in this novel was Aurelia herself. I hated her character and i couldn’t sympathies with her. I thought she was way too naive, too spoiled, and continually contradicting herself. first she demanded from her father “the king” a coat with the thousand furs in order to slow down her wedding and find a way to escape. After her escape, the coat remained her protector as she refused to take it off up on her arrival to the near by village. then she was criticizing the hunters and her father for killing all these animals.

aller“Boys were often like their fathers; wanting to hunt and hurt the unknown.”

I thought “Klaus” the prince, was also naive that he couldn’t connect the run away golden hair princess, with the beast who came in to his protection.
Nevertheless, I loved the simplicity in the writing, and the description of the characters. whenever i read a novel i try to put my self at the writer’s shoes. and i can feel the love of fairy tales for Chantal Gadoury. Her description of the balls, dresses, the curled hair, and the Princess emotions truly created a world which engaged her readers.


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