Book Review: “Collected selected words: UK|Thailand|Italy”

“Good boys go to heaven, bad boys go to Pattaya”

I was in a trip when I read this book, and it couldn’t have been better timing nor better setting.

In this book, Author “Jonathan Finch” wrote about his memoir. But its different than any memoir that i read before. It is a combination of the people he met, his nuclear family, the exotic birds, the prostitute who took care of him , and his dying father. Going from one chapter to another , i found my self learning something new about cultures and personalities, sometimes its funny and other times it is sad. what i loved the most about this book is a hidden message “always  trust your instinct”.

“That is another thing about LA. She makes Rosta and people like him get it all wrong.”

The author wrote this book in a very smooth way, during my reading i caught myself thinking that the writer was talking to a friend rather than a stranger. and  in few chapters, especially the long ones, he would mention “the reader”. I thought it was smart. It felt like the writer was really present with each word.

the only thing that i thought was a set back is the complains about the things that occurred to him, especially his comparison of the laws and the styles of living in Europe and Thailand. Other than that i recommend this book for people who like travel books, especially if your destination is Thailand.

“As soon as I arrived in thailand I felt i had come home,  and the feeling has to be one of the strangest in the world.”




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