TJ’s last summer in cape cod (Garfield whyte)

It took me some time to finish reading this book. from the premises of the book i thought it would be very interesting.
The story is about TJ; a teenager whose about to spend the last summer with his uncle before he heads to college. Peter, the uncle, is married and has lots of affairs, he constantly cheats on his wife. TJ usually covers up for his beloved uncle but still feels guilty coz he loves aunt Judy (his uncle’s wife). in this last summer TJ whose in love with his naive girlfriend “Maggie”, he becomes a cheater himself, and as the story goes, the reader realizes the bad influence his uncle has on him. Nevertheless; as the last summer unfolds, TJ wouldn’t change a thing of his last summer before heading to college.
The idea is interesting but i found it hard to keep going back to it and read it because it was long and boring especially when the events weren’t surprising enough and the style of dialogue is somehow cheesy. I wished it was a bit more shocking, or something more tragic about it.
This is the second novel i read for Garfield Whyte, while the first one i found very interesting and different, i thought this one is not one of his best works.


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