Hello! My name is May, I’m from Jordan and the author of  the short novella  “The Womb.” And currently working on my second novel “Self Made”. I also review books on different genres but my least favorite is Sci-Fi.  you can Reach me on my E-mail:alghotimay@gmail.com

About “The Womb”:
Isaac lives in Istanbul, Turkey, and in a week, he’ll turn eighteen and he will die. There’s nothing tragic about it because it’s all happened before, over and over again. In every life Isaac has ever lived, he dies at eighteen and returns to his mother’s womb to relive the same empty existence day in, day out.

He knows every moment of his life by heart. He remembers being born and then growing up to see his parents’ marriage fall apart. Isaac has spent each life isolated; what’s the point in making connections when they end at eighteen? This life, though, something is different. In this life, the week before his birthday, he receives a gift. His mother, who has many dark issues of her own, sends Isaac a typewriter.

He thinks maybe—just maybe—if he rewrites his own story, the story will change. Maybe he’ll find a new ending. He doesn’t have much time, but there’s a chance he can save himself and his mother from a cursed destiny that brings nothing but pain.

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